Customers in the e-commerce era seek intuitive experiences, powered by unique functionalities that mirror physical stores. The challenge lies in scattered data across 44 systems, akin to herding cats. Uniting these data islands is crucial for a consistently outstanding customer journey, where well-managed and connected data works like magic to captivate customers.

Legacy systems like Demandware and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) played pivotal roles but faced challenges in independent management, relying on third-party plugins, integrations, and a lot of custom code.

Introduced by Salesforce, the CRM revolutionizes e-commerce by seamlessly consolidating functionalities. For instance, imagine a clothing retailer using Salesforce CRM to manage customer interactions, order processing, and inventory tracking—all within one platform. The groundbreaking concept of headless commerce empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate their online store with the CRM, streamlining customer data, order management, and promotions. 

Essentially, this integrated approach solidifies Salesforce CRM as the nerve center for e-commerce activities, delivering unparalleled efficiency and adaptability. Salesforce now takes this further with Embedded Commerce, offering a versatile solution for B2B and B2C businesses.

This SFCC’s ‘Commerce Everywhere’ approach, with its D2C capability, provides a unified system for rapid development. The platform introduces a brand-new embedded commerce experience, seamlessly integrating with products from Customer 360 including sales cloud, service cloud, data cloud, and digital engagement. 

Embedded Commerce brings a diverse array of offerings to the table, encompassing storefront templates, composable storefronts, headless commerce, order management, and customer loyalty in the web3 space, along with Pay Now functionalities. 

Its versatile applications span various commerce products, including digital storefronts, customer acquisition, and loyalty. Leveraging cutting-edge tools like the recent Generative Einstein AI, it excels in Commerce AI. Additionally, Embedded Commerce caters to embedded commerce applications, reporting & insights, and comprehensive order management & fulfillment solutions as well.

The D2C storefront and embedded applications, such as the reorder portal, highlight Salesforce’s dedication to simplicity and effectiveness. With features like ‘Order on Behalf’ in the service console and the streamlined Pay Now functionality, Salesforce strives to personalize use cases for customers, empowering businesses for success in the digital future.

In anticipation of the future, Felkam Commerce is strategically positioned to harness the power of embedded commerce. Our upcoming initiative will introduce a myriad of functionalities, elevating the online shopping experience for our customers. This strategic move not only brings direct benefits to our customers but also streamlines the efforts of developers. We are set to pioneer the future of embedded commerce, guaranteeing a seamless and enriched experience for everyone.



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