About Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer Course with VYTCDC

This is a comprehensive Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer Course, where we unfold crucial modules like sandbox setup, SFRA introduction, and site import coupled with cartridge setup.

We also explore the fundamentals of controllers, master ISML templates, UI customizations, and deployment strategies, and navigate through data management and storefronts. This course will help you with exam preparation sessions, ensuring you’re certification-ready. 

Our course offers hands-on practice on live sandbox instances and provides structured guidance from seasoned experts, real-world insights from developers and architects, and a special session dedicated to preparing you for the certification test.

Join this training to position yourself at the forefront of the evolving IT landscape, where the demand for skilled Salesforce B2C Commerce Developers is thriving across various industries.


What You Will Learn


Roadmap for the course

  • Introduction to Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)
  • Business Manager Operations
  • Scripting and Development
  • Data Management and Integration
  • Certification of Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer

Course Highlights

  • Storefront Reference Architecture
  • B2C Commerce Cloud Store
  • Business Manager
  • B2C Commerce Development
  • Commerce Cartridges
  • Headless Commerce Basics
  • Site Management & Administration

Prerequisites of the course

  • Understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for customizing SFCC Storefronts
  • Basic understanding of
    e-commerce concepts and principles


  • Salesforce Certification Test (CCD102)

Advantages of  Salesforce B2C commerce Developer Online Course

This course equips you with the skills to seamlessly integrate third-party cartridges, manage metadata, and master UI customization with CSS, jQuery, and Ajax training. The emphasis on moving sites through staging, development, and production ensures practical, real-world readiness. This will elevate your career with this course, offering a robust foundation and hands-on expertise in Salesforce B2C commerce development. This training caters not only to freshers but also to seasoned IT professionals seeking a career change and a deep dive into cross-domain technologies.

Syllabus of the training with Hours