Welcome to a captivating exploration of this innovative concept of composable commerce, brought to you straight from the Dreamforce conference of 2023! 

Imagine SFCC’s composable commerce as a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece symbolizes a distinct commerce capability. When assembled with precision, they come together to form a vibrant, complete picture of a thriving online business. Isn’t this analogy captivating?

But, what’s the cherry on top? The most notable change is the pre-negotiated cost agreement with third-party vendors. By negotiating costs with third-party vendors, SFCC has effectively streamlined the process of commerce composition. 

This means businesses can now incorporate third-party components into their commerce architecture without worrying about fluctuating costs or time-consuming negotiations. It’s all been taken care of, providing a smooth, predictable path to creating a tailored commerce solution.

Now, let’s move on to the second major update – the easy integration of the complex search service module like Algolia. With this integration, SFCC has taken a significant step towards enhancing the user experience. Algolia is a powerful, flexible search module known for delivering lightning-fast, relevant results.

Now, let’s delve into the SFCC PWA kit. Powered by React, it turbocharges your online store, providing a smoother and faster user experience, much like a high-performance sports car.

This kit also includes a seamless page designer tool, allowing you to create an online masterpiece effortlessly.

But there’s more! The SFCC PWA kit also provides a managed runtime. This means, no more dealing with external hosting services like AWS or Google Cloud.

It’s a streamlined solution and a complete package, providing you with peace of mind and more time to focus on what matters most – your business.

Migration to SFRA has always been about opening the wallet wide, adapting legacy systems, and learning the ropes of a new structure. But, all that effort can lead to some sweet rewards considering how future-friendly and scalable it is. 

But here’s the twist: You won’t have to make a choice between SiteGenesis and SFRA for your CMS. Salesforce Commerce Cloud now supports a hybrid approach, offering the best of both worlds. Imagine migrating the fancy parts to SFRA while keeping the trusty old SiteGenesis for the checkout pages.

At Felkam Commerce, We intend to leverage the composable commerce structure to its full potential. We are dedicated to helping our esteemed clients transition to various forms of composable architecture within the SFCC framework.

We also wholeheartedly endorse this hybrid approach, ensuring cost efficiency and top-quality results. It means increased operational efficiency, cost savings, and adaptability to future changes. 

So, embrace the e-commerce revolution today with us!


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