In the dynamic realm of luxury fashion retail, providing an unparalleled digital shopping experience is of utmost importance. A distinguished luxury fashion brand based in USA, known for its global presence, embarked on a transformative initiative to replatform its legacy Oracle-based Core Commerce system with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


The replatforming endeavor presented multifaceted challenges, including intricate integrations with cutting-edge platforms, seamless data migration, rigorous quality assurance, and adherence to strict timelines. Ensuring flawless functionality, performance, and security was paramount for a successful go-live.


To overcome these challenges, the luxury fashion brand partnered with a renowned Systems Integrator (SI), acknowledged for its expertise in luxury retail and e-commerce. The SI collaborated with Felkam (also known as Codenatives), a trusted technology partner, to provide critical support across key project areas.

Key Highlights:

1. Expert Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing: Felkam’s QA leadership played a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive and meticulous testing across the entire replatforming initiative. Their dedicated offshore testing team, based in India, meticulously tested various components, including integrations with PIMCore (Product Information Management), Global-e for cross-border payment solutions, Venistar CS for OMS, Klarna, Cybersource PSP, Riskified, and Narvar. Felkam’s team meticulously tested and validated the end-to-end functionality, performance, and accessibility, contributing significantly to the successful go-live.

2. Rigorous Project Management: Felkam’s onshore project managers collaborated closely with the luxury fashion brand’s program management team. Their proactive approach, coupled with strategic planning, ensured timely test execution, defect management, and alignment with the primary SI.

3. UX Design Optimization: Felkam’s UI/UX designers worked diligently to optimize the user experience, ensuring a seamless, intuitive, and visually appealing online shopping interface.

4. Performance and Security: Felkam’s QA team conducted rigorous performance testing to validate system scalability and responsiveness, even under peak loads. Additionally, they collaborated with the SI to ensure robust security testing, safeguarding the platform from potential vulnerabilities.

5. Post-Production Hyper-Care Support: After the successful go-live, Felkam’s team provided hyper-care support, meticulously monitoring the platform’s performance and addressing any post-production issues swiftly and efficiently.


The successful replatforming initiative stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering an extraordinary digital shopping journey for its esteemed global clientele. CAPRI Holdings’ Program management strategically engaged Felkam(Codenatives) as a trusted partner, empowering the brand’s exemplary digital transformation. With Felkam’s valuable contributions, including critical work in QA and testing, project management, and UX design, the luxury fashion brand realized its vision for a dynamic and customer-centric online platform.

While maintaining client confidentiality, this case study underscores the significance of robust partnerships and expert collaboration. Felkam’s steadfast dedication and expertise in QA and testing played a pivotal role in the triumphant realization of the brand’s replatforming project. As a reliable technology solutions provider, Felkam continues to drive success in the ever-evolving world of luxury retail, empowering brands to lead in the realm of digital excellence.

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