In the fast-paced world of luxury fashion, timely and flawless digital transformations are essential to maintain a competitive edge. For a globally renowned luxury fashion brand, replatforming their legacy system was a strategic imperative to enhance their online presence and deliver an unparalleled shopping experience to customers across 89 countries.


The luxury brand’s ambitious replatforming project required the expertise of a dedicated and agile team with a deep understanding of e-commerce technologies, QA leadership, and program management. The CAPRI Program Management, responsible for overseeing the project, sought a partner to ensure seamless collaboration with the leading systems integrator (referred to as “the SI”).


Recognizing the critical role that strong project management and QA leadership would play in the project’s success, CAPRI Program Management turned to Felkam, an esteemed technology solutions provider renowned for its exceptional expertise in the retail and e-commerce space.

Key Highlights:

1. Distributed Global Team: Felkam’s expertise transcends borders, with teams distributed across Milan, UK, and India. This global presence allowed for round-the-clock support and streamlined communication, resulting in enhanced efficiency and agility.

2. Trusted Partnership: CAPRI Program Management relied on Felkam to ensure alignment and optimal delivery. Felkam emerged as the only dedicated team working alongside the SI to facilitate the global rollout. Through strategic planning and coordination, Felkam aligned its efforts with the luxury brand’s vision and goals.

3. Precision and Perseverance: With a meticulous approach, Felkam’s QA Leadership ensured that the SI delivered to the exacting standards of the luxury brand. Their relentless focus on precision and attention to detail drove the successful replatforming.

4. Agile Program Management: Felkam’s experienced Program Management team proved instrumental in driving agility and responsiveness throughout the project. They orchestrated seamless communication between stakeholders, ensuring that project milestones were met efficiently.

5. Global Excellence: Collaborating with stakeholders worldwide, Felkam brought together diverse expertise to enhance the site’s performance, optimize speed, and streamline API management. The result was a global e-commerce platform that showcased the luxury brand’s iconic products to discerning customers worldwide.


This case study highlights Felkam’s pivotal role in the successful replatforming project for a leading luxury fashion brand. As trusted partners, Felkam worked closely with CAPRI Program Management to ensure seamless collaboration with the SI. Their expertise in Project Management and QA Leadership ensured that the SI’s delivery aligned seamlessly with the brand’s vision. Together, they achieved a remarkable feat – a flawless global rollout that transformed the luxury brand’s digital presence and enhanced the shopping experience for millions of customers worldwide. This case study exemplifies the power of dedicated partnerships, where Felkam’s unwavering commitment to excellence, distributed global team, and cross-border collaboration continue to drive success in the dynamic world of luxury fashion.

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