Unparalleled quality and innovation shape the future of e-commerce.

We strive to elevate e-commerce with headless architecture, futuristic AR/VR, and integrated supply chain expertise..


At Felkam Commerce, we offer expert consultation services to help you select the right e-commerce platform for your business. Our team provides guidance on platform selection, legacy platform migration, and custom e-commerce platform development.


Our design team focuses on creating compelling user experiences. We offer user interface (UI) design and development, user experience (UX) consulting and optimization, responsive and mobile-first design, and improvements in accessibility and usability.


We specialize in integrating e-commerce platforms with ERP, CRM, and other business systems. Our development services include API development and management, third-party app and service integrations, and data migration and synchronization.


Our team fortifies your e-commerce platform with rigorous testing, quality assurance, and continuous enhancements. We excel in digital marketing, business intelligence, support, and setting up CI/CD pipelines, ensuring your platform's stability and growth.

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As a leading provider of technology services for retail and online commerce, our commitment to client success is unwavering. With a proven track record of building effective offshore teams and managing operations, our presence spans across the US, UK, and Milan. Our clientele includes renowned brands from the premium fashion industry, further testifying to our expertise and reach.

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